We have a solid practice as a leading source for a corporate lawyer in Bogotá and ample experience advising national and international companies. Our area of expertise is complex domestic and international transactions that require innovative solutions.

As the leading corporate lawyer Bogotá offers, our team advises our clients in all aspects relating to:

  • Incorporation, transformation and liquidation of companies in Colombia
  • Increase and decrease in equity
  • Negotiations of shareholders and joint venture agreements
  • Investment and tax treaty planning
  • Corporate Governance
  • Managing shareholder conflicts
  • Contractual liability


Opportunities for business growth and transformation must be taken in a timely fashion, and evolving corporate strategies demand an intrepid approach. The expertise and ability of our team can guide you through even the most complex transactions. We advise our clients in all aspects relating to:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Spilt–offs and spin offs
  • Due diligence processes

As the top privatization lawyer Bogotá has seen, MTA has assisted the national government in the most important privatization processes, spearheading the privatization of State owned power plants and other energy assets in the nineties, acquiring an expertise that we now apply to other industrial and service sectors. We have specialized in counselling both private and public sector clients on complex privatization processes.

The depth of experience and diligence of the members of the firm when working with large investment banks has been a fundamental factor in producing successful outcomes. Thanks to their vision and ability, the largest privatization projects in the highly regulated energy, financial and telecommunications sectors in Colombia were achieved: Telecom, Ecogas, Chivor, Betania, Termocartagena, Electrocaribe, Electrocosta, Promigas, Termotasajero and Edatel.


Pragmatic, real world experience leads to competent, focused guidance you can count on to resolve critical financing needs. Our Bogotá financial law firm specializes in:

  • Project Finance
  • Incorporation and operation of financial entities in Colombia
  • Structuring loan agreements and financial contracts
  • Bond Issues and underwriting
  • Acquisition or sale of financial entities


The future is at stake: so much depends on the efficient and responsible use of energy and natural resources. This, the most critical issue of our times, demands an informed, judicious approach.

As global demand increases the production, distribution and consumption of energy and natural resources has become a loaded issue that is undergoing constant re–evaluation and transformation. Our lawyers are well versed and experienced in all facets of energy and natural resource law and have ample experience in negotiating with the Colombian national government in order to obtain exploration and exploitation rights, association contracts as well as the sale and/or assignation of mining titles or concessions.

MTA recognizes the importance of prior work with involved communities, of handling the concerns of ethnic and minority groups while working towards your objectives. We counsel our clients on the development and licensing, the financing and the construction of energy and infrastructure projects. The multiple facets of regulatory and legislative requirements in the oil, gas, and mining sectors call for the expert handling and an integrated approach we offer.


Exceeding expectations, optimizing opportunities: insight combined with practical implementation create optimal outcomes that make business sense.

  • Structuring complex, multi–jurisdictional projects
  • Devising investment advantages under Free Trade agreements
  • Structuring Tax stability agreements
  • Generating investment initiatives or public–private partnerships
  • Identification of partners and bringing together bidding consortiums
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Risk allocation schemes
  • BLT – BOT – BOOT – DBFO Projects
  • Local and International Financing
  • Exit strategies


The art of invention: putting together successful deals requires calibrated responses where ingenuity, audacity and seasoned practicality come into play.

Our lawyers have experience on both sides of the equation and know that a roadmap for the desired outcome cannot lose sight of operational needs while obstacles, pressures and project requirements are being resolved.

  • Structuring public or private tenders (bids)
  • State contracting
  • Contentious administrative actions


Versatility: we develop elegant, inventive legal strategies that achieve your transactional objectives by maximizing opportunities

Our experience in cutting edge fields that are evolving at such a rapid rate means we have acted as legal counsel on significant game–changing matters such as the proposed controversial introduction of a third national private TV channel as well as the introduction of mobile phone service companies to Colombia. Our experience is an advantage when it comes to achieving your business objectives.


We have a  proven track–record in:

  • Structuring public tenders (bids)
  • Public contracting
  • Contentious administrative actions

Regulatory and administrative issues can make or break a deal and thus require a thorough knowledge of the regulatory and commercial environment, careful analysis and resourceful handling so that issues and contingencies can be resolved and anticipated. Our lawyers excel at competent, value-generating solutions. Several of our initiatives have changed the legal framework in the health sector, changes that have benefitted society at large.


Our team of professionals has an exceptional background and experience in the handling of large and complex investigations of anticompetitive conducts and of economic concentrations. Likewise, we advise buyers and sellers in the most important integration operations in Colombia with our recognized team of litigators in Competition Law.


Precedent–setting, beneficial resolutions come from the insightful, practical understanding of the law that we bring to the table.

We represent our clients in all judicial and extrajudicial matters whether it is in the sphere of public, administrative or private law. We have been particularly active in the health sector, in telecommunications and environmental matters.


Highly sensitive, high profile issues require capable, nuanced responses.

Heightened concern about environmental issues has led to ever increasing regulation and scrutiny that require careful guidance and expertise. We advise our clients on environmental regulation compliance and sustainability studies.

  • Environmental licenses
  • Permission for the exploitation /use of natural resources
  • Environmental and social impact assessments
  • Environmental management related tax benefits
  • Administrative penalty proceedings
  • Land use restrictions
  • Litigation on environmental matters
  • Environmental litigation training
  • Carbon markets


Living in the material world: when your business requirements include an on-the-ground presence, real estate issues come into play.

We have provided legal counsel to developers, investors, property owners and government agencies. We can negotiate the property you need to develop major energy and infrastructure projects, whether it is a hotel, an airport or an international highway. We can guide you through the acquisition of land and carry out all the subsequent legal paperwork until your project is a reality. We have extensive experience in land use zoning and planning requirements and expropriations.

We can help obtain and defend government approvals, licences, permits and right of way agreements as well as leases for use of public land and utilities.


Breaking outmoded stereotypes by re–defining old boss/worker paradigms.

The modern company fosters good labour relations, promotes diversity, and encourages talented individuals. We have proven experience in:

  • Individual labour agreements
  • Executive offer contracts
  • Director compensation programs
  • Labor policies tailored to specific industry sectors (Energy, Communications, Health and Financial sectors)
  • Benefits and variable Compensation programs
  • Collective bargaining
  • Confidentiality and Non–compete agreements
  • Pension Planning
  • Expatriate immigration to Colombia


We play ball: even winning teams and star athletes need lawyers for Colombian entertainment law and sports law in Bogotá.

The new dynamics of fame and entertainment drive a huge industry with its particular legal requirements.

We provide counsel to both private and public entities in the world of sports. This includes sports associations and federations, as well as professional athletes.


MTA boasts the capacity and experience necessary to advise our clients on their deliver the highest quality tax services for even the most complex matters. With a focus on the efficient performance of businesses, we provide consultation and direction in:

  • Evaluation of the positive impact of investment ventures
  • Optimization in the completion of substantial and formal obligations in fiscal matters and tax planning
  • Controversies regarding official conduct, by governmental and litigation means in fiscal matters
  • Tax planning

16 OIL & GAS

With new technologies, increasing consumption demand, and the penetration of unexplored markets, the oil & gas industry is a more exciting field than ever. However, a rapidly evolving market full of technicalities and tight regulations also requires a strong and stable support.

Significant opportunities are available today and must be ceased quickly to gain an advantage in the industry. Such business opportunities are intertwined in a world of cross-disciplinary complexities, which demands for legal counsel that has extensive industry experience and global resource capabilities to navigate through the many obstacles. Our oil & gas law firm in Bogotá is your entry to the oil & gas market in Colombia and beyond, with a home field advantage.

MTA’s oil & gas practice areas include:

  • Upstream practice
  • Midstream practice
  • Downstream practice
  • Energy trading
  • Energy networks


This practice area emerged as a response to the new necessities of the subjects obligated to comply with national and international norms and requirements, and our services related to this matter include:

  • Assistance in matters of habeas data.
  • The drafting of policies on the protection of personal data.
  • The drafting of internal manuals on procedures for the protection of information.
  • The drafting of documents for the authorization for handling personal data.
  • The drafting of enabling clauses for the processing of personal data in labor contracts.
  • Assistance in the procedures required for the registration of databases containing personal data in the Nacional Registry of Databases.