The energy and natural resources sector of Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados is characterized by its groundbreaking strategies, with
renowned work in the areas of oil & gas, petro chemistry, mining, water treatment, traditional energy, and alternative energy. Our attorneys dedicated to the regulatory, contractual, financial, and acquisitive work offer comprehensive assistance in the environmental energy lawyer bogotaand energy sectors, characterized by a combination of expertise in the development, construction, and finance of projects with intensive labor in M&A for energy operators. Our work includes the complicated processes of environmental evaluation, permits, consultations, negotiations, litigation, and administrative sanction processes with a narrowed perspective that only a Bogota natural resources lawyer can offer, in the country where your company seeks to operate.

The full-range services of a natural resources and energy lawyer in Bogota from MTA encompass conventional natural resource transactions as well as the specific juridical challenges and demands that currently present major obstacles in the alternative sector. Our wide variety of domestic and global clients include developers, sponsors, investors, and other sources of funding, such as: banks, governments, construction companies, insurances, operators, and multilateral institutions.


A natural resources lawyer in Bogota can accomplish your acquisitions, developments, finances, and operations by accompanying your company in any project. We have ample experience in both traditional and alternative energy developments, the latter of which includes solar, hydraulic, wind, geothermal, biomass, and waste-to-energy varieties. Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados leads the fields of oil & gas (production, shipping, storage, and commercialization), energy plants, hydrocarbon processing plants, and renewable energy installation.

We have participated in the most complex transactions in the Latin-American market, dealing with:

  • Asset trading
  • Environmental permits
  • Project development
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Redress procedures before administrative bodies
  • Studies and declarations of environmental impact
  • Eminent domain
  • Negotiations with communities
  • Reports about environmental law
  • Conflict management regarding Access to points of distribution and transport of electricity and gas
  • Environmental litigation
  • M&A operations
  • Contracts specific to the energy sector
  • Assistance in completing recurring obligations


Although new environmental institutionalization and growing litigation present many challenges for companies in this sector, Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados can assist you in the development of your project with strategic planning and prevention techniques. Mark the difference in your energy and environmental operations with an energy and natural resources lawyer in Bogota. Contact Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados to know more about what our specialized practice entails.