In the fast-paced business world of today, the leading M&A lawyer in Bogota is able to handle evolving corporate strategies with a bold and innovative approach. At Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados, our attorneys seize the opportunity to be fearless pioneers of business law. Our expertise lies in the domains of M&A and privatization, where our team’s experience and invention have driven us to be critical players in the market. For over 20 years, MTA has been pioneering the world of corporate law, most notably in the areas of mergers, acquisitions, and privatizations.


The firm has a long history of working with large investment banks, a partnership which in turn never ceases to produce successful outcomes. Our lawyers strive to bring the same practical approach, resourcefulness, and commitment to excellence to each matter in which we are engaged.  Our team advises in areas including:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Split-offs and spin-offs
  • Due diligence processes

We have long been recognized for representing clients in some of the most notable transactions across Colombia. These include the purchases, sales, mergers, and strategic mergers of businesses. Our firm also assists small and midsized firms with acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures, strategic investments, and other collaborations.


Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados led Colombia’s privatization movement, spearheading the privatization of state owned power plants and other energy assets throughout the nineties. The firm’s founding partner, Diego Muñoz Tamayo, wrote the first book on privatization in Colombia, entitled “Privatization in Colombia: The Legal Framework for the Transfer of State Property,” which is a mandatory textbook in Colombian law schools. Thus, MTA has been the veritable leader of privatization and dominated the majority of the sector’s transactions. This expertise and leadership position has transcended into our other areas of practice. This defining role allows us to take initiative, optimize outcomes for clients, and innovate the law.

Our work as an expert privatization lawyer in Bogota includes privatization in all industries, though Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados has established the strongest dominance in the financial and communications sectors. Some of our biggest achievements in these domains have been with: Telecom, Ecogas, Chivor, Betania, Termocartagena, Electrocaribe, Electrocosta, Promigas, Termotasaiero, and Edatel.


Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados is prepared to take on your mergers, acquisitions, and privatizations no matter how daunting the transaction may seem. Since these specializations make up the foundations of Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados, our team has the advantage of ample knowledge and experience to guide you through even the most complex ordeals. Our lawyers are business-minded, but also have the legal skills and driven personalities necessary to advance your business and provide optimal outcomes. To find out more about our role as the leading M&A lawyer Bogota has, contact Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados with your mergers, acquisitions, and privatizations needs!