Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados not only consists of some of the best trained oil & gas lawyers in Bogota, but also an integrated practice that advises clients on project structuring, mergers and acquisitions, energy and natural resources, labor law, and more. Our abundant expertise on various areas of law allows us to handle transactions with a complete understanding of the issues at hand. We have over twenty years of experience working on major oil & gas transactions throughout Colombia. Thus, our firm is accustomed to the evolving nature of the oil & gas industry and is well aware of the significant opportunities available today in a field full of cross-disciplinary complexities. MTA has the global resource capability and intellectual drive needed to operate during such exciting times in a highly valuable industry.


As Bogota´s leading oil & gas lawyers, MTA attorneys have been at the forefront of the Colombian market, advising all players on revolutionary transactions. We have a lengthy history in environmental law, from natural resources to energy to oil & gas. At Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados, we balance our interest to advance business with environmental consciousness and an interest to protect our communities. Our advice covers issues related to: production, regulation, environmental issues, taxation, pipeline and transportation, productive oil & gas acreage, and more. MTA´s practice areas include:

  • Upstream Practice: As the consumption of oil and gas continues to rise drastically, oil & gas producers must seek less accessible parts of the world and innovative technologies to extract resources. Producers need an advisor who is able to navigate around the extensive and ever-changing environmental, safety, and financial regulations governing the industry. They also need someone fully aware of the momentous advances relating to shale gas and other new technologies evolving in South America. As the forerunning Bogota oil & gas lawyer, Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados is well versed in every oil & gas lawyer Bogotádimension of the industry in Colombia, making your job as a producer smooth and stress-free when entering into foreign territory.
  • Midstream Practice: Our work as an oil & gas lawyer in Bogota encompasses pipelines, other transportation, and storage. For pipeline projects, our strong position in the industry and international presence allows us to undertake capital-intensive transactions with ease. As for shipping, our firm has detailed knowledge about the evolution of transport and off-shore finance as companies look to transport their commodities over long distances to high-demand markets. Finally, Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados has experts in the area of oil & gas storage, able to supply advanced security despite the general volatility of energy markets.
  • Downstream Practice: Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados has an expert team in downstream refining and marketing, which handles the projects of traditional downstream players along with newer projects in high growth markets. Our attorneys are heading the shifts in developing nations to provide you with the best legal and business advice when it comes to petroleum and petrochemical products.
  • Energy networks: Electricity and gas transmission and distribution.
  • Energy trading: The trade of oil, gas, power derivatives, and physical products.


With changing energy demand patterns across the globe and shifting economic prosperity of developing nations, maneuvering the oil & gas industry is more complicated than ever. The industry requires advisors with a thorough understanding of the sector and a clear view of the entire hydrocarbon value chain. Our attorneys are prepared to undertake your complex transactions and make the process as simple as possible for the client. Contact Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados today to learn more about our oil & gas transactions.