Competition authorities have developed an important capacity to investigate commercial transactions, prohibit and condition mergers and acquisitions, analyze markets extensively, as well as impose sanctions and monitor compliance with their decisions.

In light of this, our Competition Law Practice Area has been especially configured to meet these challenges from a proactive perspective, ranging from training and prevention, to assistance and representation.

Our team of professionals has an exceptional background and experience in the handling of large and complex investigations of anticompetitive conducts and of economic concentrations. Likewise, we advise buyers and sellers in the most important integration operations in Colombia with our recognized team of litigators in Competition Law.

The representative services of our Competition Law Practice Area are summarized below.

Training and Compliance

  • Preparation of flow charts, manuals and formats for compliance with the rules of competition law.
  • Analysis and measurement of the degree of legal compliance by conducting audits in various modalities.
  • Training of executives and managers in the interaction and spokesmanship before the competition authorities, as well as with other market agents.
  • Assistance to companies in the formulation of pricing policies, internal contractual structures, and contractual relationships with third parties.
  • Evaluation and formulation of best practices in the design of distribution policies and marketing of goods and services.
  • Conduction of legal training seminars.
  • Analysis and identification of trends in regulatory activity carried out by competition authorities, and international organizations such as OECD, UNCTAD and ICN.
  • Conduction of moot investigations and corresponding design of contingency plans.

 Mergers and acquisitions

  • Coordination with our Corporate Practice Area in the efficient structuring of mergers and acquisitions in various modalities.
  • Formulation of a compliance plan with the competent authorities, assessing the convenience of applying for authorization before the authorities.
  • Coordination with economic and financial analysts in the preparation of the necessary documentation to fully comply with the applicable legal provisions.
  • Formulation of regulatory strategies and preparation of the corresponding documentation.

 Unfair competition 

  • Study of market conditions, presence of competition, and corresponding analysis of behavioral patterns and their effects, both to market participants and third parties.
  • Determination of risks in the configuration of unfair competition instances, such as: acts contrary to commercial good faith, customer deviation, disorganization of business, confusion, deception, discredit, comparison and imitation, among others.
  • Assistance and representation before investigations carried out by the competition authorities.
  • Assistance and representation in unfair competition litigations.

Restrictive Practices of Competition

  • Sector-specific market analysis, in coordination with economic and financial analysts, to assess the behaviors displayed by market participants, and formulate risk-mitigation measures.
  • Evaluation of risks in contractual practices, marketing and distribution models, content publication, presentation and packaging of products.
  • Representation in investigations initiated by the competent authorities, as well as design, optimization and implementation of procedural strategies.
  • Assistance and representation in the formulation of complaints for restrictive practices of free competition.