Director of the sports law department at Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados Joe Bonilla Gálvez,along with sports attorney Daniel Cardona, achieved the lifting of a sanction imposed upon Barranquilla’s Club Deportivo Popular Junior F.C. S.A. On October 18th, the Disciplinary Committee of the Dimayor resolved a the football club’s appeal, reversing the sanction imposed on the club in its entirety, which consisted in the suspension of the southwestern stands in the city’s stadium for the return game of the Águila Cup, and a fine of COP $1.475.434,oo.

The sanction was imposed based on the a presumed suspension of a game along with the use of flares, according to the arbitrary and field comisiary reports. Joe Bonilla and his team defended the club by defrauding these presumptions, in demonstrating that the match was never suspended for the use of flares, and that instead it was suspended first when the ball landed outside of the field’s boundaries and after becasue of substitutions. They also demonstrated that Junior did not have nor could it have any control over the entry into the stadium, and as such, any violation of security norms was of exclusive responsibilty of the local club.

This decision was surprising and quite noteworthy, seeing that the Committee does not typically revoke its own decisions. Only twice does this precedent appear in the Dimayor’s records, in which the Disciplinary Committee has revoked one of its decisions based on this type of appeal.