At Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados, we adhere to the principle that when storing, transmitting, and processing personal data, we maintain the highest level of data protection and security. We ensure that information pertaining to our customers, employees, business partners, investors, and other natural persons be treated appropriately. This includes the collection, use, circulation, and deletion of personal information.

We want Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados to be recognized not only for innovative legal solutions, but also for setting the standard in personal data protection amongst law firms and Colombian corporations. For this reason, we view it as our duty to comply with the various legal regulations on the national and international level that govern the collection and processing of personal data. Our clients, employees, and business partners mean everything to us, which is why we consider the protection of personal rights and privacy of every individual as the foundation of trust in our business relationships.

Below, you can find the official Policy for Personal Data Processing of Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados conforming to Article 15 of the Colombian Political Constitution, Resolution 3066 of 2011, Law 1581 of 2012, and Regulatory Degree 1377 of 2013.

Política para Tratamiento de Información MTA