For over two decades, Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados has been a top corporate law firm in Bogota, with recognized practices in natural resources, structuring complex projects, privatizations, M&A, oil & gas, financial law, and more. MTA bases its business model on innovation of the law and satisfaction of the client. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to projects of any magnitude or complexity with the guarantee of high quality, highly personalized service, by adapting strategies to the needs of our clients. We apply rigorous thinking, considered analysis, and insight into the issues at hand. With an integrated team and passion for what we do, our law firm is able to offer clients reliable and transparent guidance that goes far beyond legal counsel.

Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados is an international law firm that works with clients in over 30 countries, establishing relations in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and German. With strong global backgrounds, our team is equipped to handle international transactions with ease through an international understanding to better work with clients.


Nothing surpasses the importance of our clients’ trust. Individuals seek out Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados from around the globe precisely because they know that they will be listened to by someone who understands their needs and acts accordingly. We help local, regional, and global brands alike to succeed by acting as an essential part of their team. With years of experience providing insight, expertise, and execution to well-known businesses conducting major projects, MTA has grown to be synonymous with the idea of a trusted name in Colombian legal affairs. By treating every business matter as if it were our own, MTA’s work process is always client-oriented and ensures customer satisfaction. Our clients know that their business will be understood by a team of experts who can work together across practice areas, think creatively, and take unprecedented steps in order find the best outcome. They know that their problems will be solved and their goals will be reached.


bogota-corporate-lawyerMTA IS YOUR DOOR TO COLOMBIA

We understand that cross-border transactions can be challenging and even daunting, especially when you are straying into unchartered territory. Thus, we go beyond the demands of legal counsel and help our clients to navigate all aspects of handling their transactions and projects in a different legal system, market, culture, and language. Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados is a helping hand for your entry into our country, who will be there by your side in establishing your brand in Colombia. Our law firm in Bogota is eager to show international clients the beauty of our country, all while working around the legal and administrative challenges that arise in a new market. Thus, MTA is the best source for you to develop your business ventures in Colombia. With our leadership and a global perspective, Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados can take you where you want to go.


For the team at our law firm in Bogota, we view every matter entrusted to us as an opportunity to exceed the client’s expectations. We ensure this happens not only by achieving the best legal outcomes, but also by maintaining personal relationships and being a sound source for advice along the way. Moreover, we guarantee that every aspect of your transaction will be overlooked by a senior associate of a partner to whom clients will always have access. At any given time, our entire transaction team of lawyers is up-to-date with all clients and projects. This allows us to offer you the consistency, perspective, and multi-disciplinary support your transactions require.



Our attorneys aim to cross boundaries using our imagination and innovation, getting you through the country´s extensive and often complex public administration. We are constantly searching for new benefits for our clients to provide them with the best options. With our boutique business model, transactions stay simple, personal, and direct, freeing clients from hefty administrative workloads. A critical element to our success in introducing businesses into Colombia comes from our firm’s local solidarity. We understand every detail of the local legal and administrative system, making it easier for the client to do business. MTA was the first firm to implement protection for minority shareholders, and today facilitates this process for its clients along with aspects such as getting credit, trading across borders, and starting a new business. Our corporate lawyers hold expertise in some of Colombia’s most challenging regulatory dimensions, such as enforcing contracts and paying taxes.


Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados is a founding member of Colombia’s ProBono Foundation, which is committed to providing pro bono legal services to less privileged individuals and communities that are socially vulnerable or marginalized, as well to the organizations that assist them. Every lawyer working with MTA dedicates at least twenty working hours of their time each year to legal services for the Foundation and other pro bono cases, as a way to institutionalize and reinforce our social promise. This dedication to bettering the community gives the firm the opportunity to demonstrate its compromise, efficiency, professional ethics, quality, and leadership.

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